Dental impressions are critical in dentistry as they allow the dentist to accurately design and fabricate well-fitting appliances. While impressions have been a necessity, they haven’t always been fun. We can all relate to the downright uncomfortable and unpleasant traditional process of taking impressions.

Thanks to modern advancements, you don’t have to bite into a goopy concoction to have your impressions taken. At Clovis Country Dental, we can use digital scanners to create images of your teeth. This option is fast, comfortable, and super-accurate.

How impressionless dentistry works

No preparation is involved for digital scanning. You just sit tight in the dental chair as the dentist does everything for you. We use a handheld intraoral scanner — the size of a toothbrush — to scan your mouth. This is more comfortable than biting gooey dental mould and waiting for about 15 minutes with this gag-inducing material in your mouth.

Digital scanning takes thousands of images of your mouth to create a 3D image in real-time. Instant results allow our dentists to provide you with instant feedback for your treatment. In fact, since the visualization is done on a chairside screen, you can get a preview of your oral structures to better understand your dentist’s treatment plan.

Benefits of impressionless dentistry

Digital dental scanners rely on lasers and digital imaging to create 3D renderings of your oral structures. The images are sent to a dental lab at the click of a button to make your desired appliances, which could be Invisalign trays, crowns, dentures, or mouthguards.

Dentists have embraced impressionless scanners because they offer numerous benefits, including:

  • They offer instant results
  • They are comfortable — you can breathe, swallow, and talk during a scan
  • Impressionless dentistry is radiation-free
  • They are more accurate than traditional impressions
  • Digital scanners enable the dentist to preview your treatment outcome

Clovis Country Dental proudly offers impressionless dentistry to our Clovis, CA patients for a comfortable dental experience. Please dial (559) 552-0700 to book an appointment today. We look forward to changing your old view of dental impressions!

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